Can true impact of Video Ad Campaigns be measured?

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BrandAds, a video ad measurement company, is definitely working on the true impact of video ads. According to CEO Avi Brown, there are big challengeBrandAdss when it comes to knowing if a video ad campaign is really paying off.

Of course something like a case study can be done by asking ad networks or publishers about performance, but the information gathered might still not be that precise (or at least the precision it is intended by BrandAds). Also, 3rd party data can be gathered, but we are still looking at very limited information such as clicks or completions, without even mentioning the “real-time” delay most platforms have.

So, has BrandAds finally came to a solution to all of this lack of metrics? Yes, indeed. BrandAds finally came up with “BrandAds Bridge” which consists in many different metrics such as Engagement, Audience and Effectiveness with an outstanding 3 second delay.

Avi Brown says that the platform bases on direct audience measurement. meaning that they create interaction with the user beyond the sole interaction with the ad (i.e: short surveys). Also, according to him, there should be a tiny overlap between those who saw the ad and those who participate in a panel-based measurement.

BrandAds is also very committed to transparency, so the dashboard also includes other measurements that can show their confidence in their estimates.

Could BrandAds be the leader of realtime video ad measurement? We will keep you posted.


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